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About Us

About Us

  We are a unique and free spirited brand developed to express moods and emotions through expert mascara and eyeshadow products. The brand’s hallmark is creativity and boldness; attributes that are best expressed through their remarkable mascara and eyeshadow makeup products. Our products provide an artisan feel that achieves beauty to safeguard a bespoke and unique appearance.


  Using a proven formula, We delivers exquisite results by developing authentic and magnificent makeup products that can be worn at any time of the day and fit any lifestyle.  They serve the market with a collection of makeup products that reinterprets their most popular eyelashes and eyeshadow designs in both authenticity and wonder. This collection features products of expert design and finesse, and is a manifestation of a modern and original feel especially because of the colorful designs in noble mascara; two-sided brush heads to make your lashes extending while giving them a dramatic curl.


  The mascara and eyeshadow makeup products made in Taiwan are reasonable prices making it ideal for people who love affordable luxury and premium products to complement their dressing with facials that stand out in the room not only because they are exclusive and unique but also because of the creativity and finesse they manifest. Users therefore impress everyone. With deep industry knowledge, coupled with an analytical and detail-oriented approach, the brand creators are equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning makeup enthusiasts, delivering an experience rooted in creativity, authenticity and expertise. 


  If you are looking for luxurious and amazing makeup at pocket friendly prices then pimp your makeup with our products and get a taste of the royal feel. Each of mascara and eyeshadow products is made out of allergy-free ingredients. Everyone can find their favorite color. What’s more, the makeup products are sweat resistant and will not wear off even after a physical day or time in the sun and you are all sweaty. Through the quality of our products, we express a deep commitment to our clients, as well as our unique, adventurous spirit of creating unique products and enhancing the beauty of women forever.

  The surefire solution for the busy woman who loves applying makeup but does not have any extra time, our liquid eyeshadow can be done by fingers. When you go out, it is like pencil, you can fit in any of your bags. Our mascara is sure 24hour long lasting and won't get smudge for all day. The products are easy to carry and users will never fall apart with their eye shadow palete. To achieve that 24 hour look, our mascara products are able to keep user’s eyelashes standing all day long. You can use water to remove the mascara, thereby eliminating the need for any complementary products such as makeup remover making them highly convenient yet non-invasive. To enrich the creative designs, our products dry instantly after you apply on your beautiful lashes. As such, there are little to no chances of ruining makeup you’ve already done.


  Giving you that boldness and creativity while applying makeup, our products help you become unique through the pure and reliable ingredients that have a high sparkle effect. This is your chance to know what royalty feels like while capturing modernity, trends, timelessness and minimalism and still preserving the essence of fashion and style.