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Secret of our shadow

TSUVIMI eyeshadow stick



Paraben Free

Anti-aging! The product doesn’t contain any paraben ingredient, all ingredients have been proven are safe for skin.

brand animal

Cruelty Free & Vegan

We cares about where we live and animals. That’s why we do not do the animal tested.

brand claim


Animal supported! Products do not include any animal-derived ingredients.



Sensitive skin works, products are made by hypoallergenic ingredients, safe for skin.

TSUVIMI eyeshadow


cream to powders eyeshadow



Cream to Powders Eyeshadow

TSUVIMI eyeshadow glides on smooth, dry quickly, but no dry look!

  • Every color is highly pigmented and blend-able.
  • Every color do not crease on your eyelids.
  • Every eyeshadow comes 2 colors.
  • It can be a eyeshadow, highlighter and blusher.
  • Every package is recyclable.



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