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True High Pigment

We are all

Liquid Eye shadow

more color than you think

Color Mascara

Never Fall Apart

We focus on color makeup products and accersorries. Evrything is about details. We'd like every of our love could be a liitle sparkle. Glow and shine with us.



We are a unique and free spirited brand developed to express moods and emotions through expert mascara and eyeshadow products.

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If you are looking for luxurious and amazing makeup at pocket friendly prices then pimp your makeup with our products and get a taste of the royal feel. Each of mascara and eyeshadow products is made out of allergy-free ingredients and is sweat resistant. Everyone can find their favorite color.

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Great quality product for a great price. I'm very happy I found this website, always pleased about my shopping experience and the support.



Excellent services, this is my first time buying from this store, l got my lock well packaged and really fast.



Thanks! I love it!!! I’ve been waiting quite long for the goods but I recommend this seller and will buy from him again.




I’ve got about 4 of the colours so far. the first one I received was yellow from the influencer program and I loved it so much I had to buy other colours too. slowly making my way up to buying all of them one at a time so I don’t feel bad for spending money 😂😂😂 ig: @studio_niggli only thing is some colours show up better than others and you need to apply multiple coats so sometimes an even application can be hard to achieve (my mum tried out some of the colours and there was patches of natural lash). but that’s mostly mascara anyway this is by far the best brand I’ve tried so far



I bought this for my daughter's spirit week and she loved it. The directions on the packaging was straight and easy to understand. She was able to use 2 different kinds of thickness just by turning the stick slightly. She used the light blue ás a highlight and the dark blue over it. Sure made thick light blue stand out on the inner part of her eyes she also loves the shinnynest if the colors. She had already recommended this to her friends.



Amazing! The mascara is really pigmented and the brush elongates your lashes a looot. It's easy to apply and it the formula has a sweet scent. I have really sensitive eyes but I had no reactions with this mascara, so that's really good. I am really happy I got this and I can't wait to try new colors! In real life it looks way better than in the picture!


Uvini Sonnadara

Initially I was confused as how to use it. When I apply over primer it smudges and difficult to builds and blend in. If I use a brush, it become very patchy. But I found that it works beautifully if I put product on back of my hand and then apply by fingers. This is NOT at all brush friendly! Now I really love them