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Know more of our liquid eyeshadow


 Our sparkle and long wearing eye shadow combines the perfect mix with fine flash glitter which will create nicely shimmer. You can use your finger applying color on without using any tools and it still can create an amazing make up effortlessly. It glides on smoothly and dries quickly.


Apply directly onto your beautiful eyelid area using clean finger or the applicator wand. Gently pat and blend the color. You can wear alone or mix with other colors.


Multiple Usage:
1. Apply on your eyelid.
2. Blend to be blush on your cheek.
3. Mix two color to create a new color.
4. The light color can highlight your face.
5. Use eye liner brush creating colorful eye line.
Remove Eyeshadow: Using lip&eye make up remover remove eyeshadow.

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